Sunday, February 2, 2014

Floating On

Well, I'm sorry to say much hasn't changed since my last post.  I was hoping to start the new year off invigorated and ready to start over from the ground up with the Soggy Dog Pool Project but that didn't happen.  To be honest, I realized my passion lies elsewhere and while I'm very passionate about R Lo and doing what I can for him to make his life the best I realized this isn't the path I want to take.  We have spent the last year with me taking him swimming at CRCG in Broomfield and at our local dog park and these options seem to work out well for him -- despite the drive to Broomfield (and it's been a lot easier on my pocketbook too than trying a start up).  I am ready to give up the Soggy Dog Pool dream for now, or maybe even hand it over to someone who has the passion that I once did.  It's been an amazing experience and I've learned so much.  And I'm thankful, so very thankful for those that supported me.  That is all.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Soggy Dog Scoop

Hello Everyone and Thanks for stopping by!
 I'm sure you've been wondering what's been up with Soggy Dog Pool lately. Well, unfortunately there is not much to tell. After our fundraiser was unsuccessful I have spent time going over the numbers and talking with potential partners, something that has been ongoing since Soggy Dog Pool's inception. The fact of the matter is without substantial capital it is almost impossible to start up. As some of you know, I sold my home in order to have some working capital to put towards the Soggy Dog Pool project with hopes of being able to raise more funds and/or attract potential partners. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out for me to find future investors. In addition, I have been renting so as not to use up the funds from my home. However, the time has come for me to move and focus on what I need to do in my personal life to create stability, with that, I will be buying a new home soon and most of the money I had to put towards Soggy Dog Pool will be once again reinvested. So where does that leave us? Without much cash on my own otherwise & unable to get a business loan (I'm self-employed) it's virtually impossible to get this off the ground. Also, with losing my access to capital to purchase a home I will be left with almost no investment of my own to put towards a partnership with others – if we are talking investors vs ownership percentages. What does this mean? It means that for now I am putting up the Soggy Dog Pool dream, with the holidays coming and winter settling in I am ready to relax and enjoy time with my family – away from the stress I have been under to try and get this project up and running. I hate to say it's been affecting my health, but it has, and I must focus on myself now. Mind you, I'm not giving up, I'm just letting go for the meantime. Thank you all for your continued support, I would never have gotten as far as I have without you. And I thank you for the continued support! Have a great holiday season and we'll see you in the New Year. God Bless, Tammy
PS: Remember you can always reach me at

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hello Everyone,
On the eve of the end of our campaign I want you all to know that our campaign to raise start up costs for Soggy Dog Pool -- short of a miracle -- will be unsuccessful. I am saddened by this for many reasons but I will keep working at it - after I take a break.
One of the things I must do is sit down and go over the campaign pros & cons.  This is not something that I will do right away, I need a break.  I'm exhausted and upset. 
One thing I know for sure is I suck at writing blogs. I apologize for that.
And there you have it in a nutshell.
Thank you if you are reading this very crappy excuse for a blog.
'See' you soon...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Bloggy Sunday

One of the things that has been hard for me throughout this campaign is the social media aspect. Now, I have no problem coming up with random, trivial items for my personal Facebook (just ask my FB friends!), but it is a completely different thing when coming up with ideas for the masses.
Bloggers speak of finding your voice and keeping consistent but I only know one voice so I will use that one, filtered, of course. I want you to know who I am but since this is a 'biz blog' so to speak it shouldn't be so personal. However, that is how I've always run my businesses. If it isn't personal, it's not enjoyable to me. If I can't forge friendships and ultimately care about what I'm doing then it's not sustainable.  So for now I'll try to connect in my own way and later more business? That's what feels right to me. Or maybe this will never be a fully realized biz blog. Maybe that will be another one down the road.
The thing about blogging for me is engaging with others who I don't really know and also, there's all this stuff in my head that needs to be worked out. Writing it down sees like a good place to start, and if I can share some of it to build a communication of sorts, even better. So pardon my blog construction dust as I get this started and try to find my voice, my aim and also to keep you (and me!) interested in the is media outlet I am just learning about.
As for the title, I realized this past week if I had a schedule about posting to my social media sites it would help me to be more organized so Sunday, Bloggy Sunday is the day I will sit down and write.
As for those other pesky social media sites, I am also coming up with a schedule for them as well, which is a bit harder as social media changes so fast. But I can have theme days, highlighting certain things and then I can interact as I choose as well. It gives me some focus and hopefully creates an engaging atmosphere. Let me know how I'm doing. I may not like the criticisms but they can only help me, right?
And THANK YOU if you are still reading this :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

This Life, This Journey, This Adventure

This Life, This Journey, This Adventure

Life has been crazy busy since the crowd-funding campaign on Community Funded launched. I thought I was ready for it, but how are you ever ready for something you have never done before no matter how much you plan?
It has been a wonderful experience however. You know the saying 'nothing worthwhile ever comes easy' well I've never been one to believe that statement – until now. There is such deep satisfaction in pouring my heart and soul and sweat and tears into something and watch it take shape. And then there is the saying 'life is about the journey, not the destination' which I have always believed, however this journey has been so significant so far that it has made me live that statement. I am honestly so busy focusing on what is directly in front of me on a day to day basis that there is no past, there is no future, all there is IS now.
And there has been progress, in the form of our ever growing following on Facebook and Twitter, by the recent articles in the Loveland Reporter-Herald, Coloradoan and NoCo5, a local TV station. There's the Facebook posts, Tweets and emails of outpouring support for the Soggy Dog Pool project and more amazing are the wonderful people who are wanting to be a part of the journey, the interest in partnerships and investing increase daily much to my astonishment – yes! this is exactly what I had hoped for but to actually see it materialize is another thing.
And then there is the journey within. I, an introvert to the core, am now a social butterfly, networking and forming friendships along the way and the kicker is I actually enjoy it. Also, I am a hopeless worrier. I am always looking down the road as far as I can and making alternate plans based on every conceivable threat – which can be helpful, but most of the time it is not since life hardly ever plays by your rules. And now, being too busy to look down the road has been a wonderful exercise in setting intention and having faith that it will come to pass. I don't have time dream up things that will never happen anymore, I only have time to tell the universe what I want and go after it. It has been refreshing and liberating and now I wonder if this is what if feels like to be truly living.
I saw a TEDx talk on Fear recently and in it the guy says that we bargain with fear, we tell it that we will stay in this warm, safe place and do these warm, safe things and by doing this fear won't bother us. What we don't realize is that nothing is safe and that by bargaining with fear we are letting it control our lives. I can't help but think that is exactly what I've done all these years in my safe career in my safe environment, I don't want to live like that anymore – if you call that living.  'm ready for this adventure, this journey, whatever it is and wherever it takes me and even more I am thankful for it because I am changing because of it, into the person I have always wanted to be. How could you ask for more?
PS: Thank you for sharing this journey with me :)

Why Community Funded

Why Community Funded?

I first heard of Community Funded when the Coloradoan ran a story about their organization in the paper in the Spring of 2012. I had been looking into crowdfunding as a potential way to raise capital for start up costs for Soggy Dog Pool but there weren't that many crow-dfunding options at that time. When I read the story I knew I wanted to be part of Community Funded because it was a local start up and I liked the idea of being part of something from the beginning, especially in this town that I love and with someone like McCabe Callahan, the founder, who has such a good reputation as a successful entrepreneur and someone that cares about his community. I also believe in the spirit of collaboration which seems to be the mantra of Community Funded and our local small business community. To be able to support other ventures and have them support you is a wonderful relationship to have.
I first sat down with McCabe in the Fall of 2012 to talk about the possibility of fundraising through Community Funded for Soggy Dog Pool. He was excited, very thoughtful and helpful with his advice. Through the process of submitting the Soggy Dog Pool project I have found everyone at Community Funded to be full of positivity, sincerity and very supportive.
As for why I wanted to try crowd-funding for Soggy Dog Pool in the first place, there are a couple reasons. For one, there is so much expense involved in the initial start up costs of any small business and particularly with Soggy Dog Pool because of the absolute necessity of needing expensive equipment from the start. I felt it was a good way to gauge public support for such a facility in our community before taking the leap. To date, I am overwhelmed at the positive feedback I've gotten and feel certain the Soggy Dog Pool campaign will be successful.(thank you! thank you!)
So you might be wondering what is Crowd-funding? It is a way to raise funds for a project through the collective effort of individuals(YOU!) who network and pool their money in the form of pledges. In return for these pledges, the supporters(YOU!) receive Giftbacks(swag!) which are items or services that are offered by the Project Creators (Soggy Dog Pool). For example, if you were to pledge $75 to our Soggy Dog Pool project you would get 2 Soggy Dog Pool t-shirts, 2 bumper stickers, 2 pool passes and a hand written Thank You. It's called a pledge because if the Soggy Dog Pool campaign doesn't reach it's fundraising goal of $85,000 then you get the money you pledged back. No risk, just reward for our fundraising efforts and our dog loving community. And incidentally, if Soggy Dog Pool raises more than the campaign goal(FINGERS CROSSED!!) that would be awesome as there will be many more capital costs as you would expect with an endeavor such as this!
I urge you to support Community Funded and their great projects, there are many to choose from and if you can't pledge money you can still support us all by sharing our causes with those you think may be interested. Also, if you have a service or product you would like to offer to a particular campaign to be offered as a giftback, that would be greatly appreciated too :)

How to Build a Pool for Dogs

How to build a pool for dogs

When I first came up with the idea for a dog pool, I thought, “no problem! that'll be easy!”. Well it just goes to show that the old saying 'nothing worthwhile ever comes easy' is true. Here I thought I could just buy an above ground pool and plop on the ground and call it good. I'm here to tell you that doesn't cut it. First of all, did you know that a pool weighs an awful lot? And most floors aren't capable of bearing the load? So the floor has to be torn up and reinforced to handle the weight. So you're thinking, “well, why wouldn't you just put an inground pool in then if you're going to go through all the trouble?” My thoughts exactly, until you start talking to pool contractors and you realize they are going to charge you about 3X more for an inground pool compared to an above ground pool. And in addition to the cost of a custom inground pool, there is the undeniable fact that the pool will never leave. It will stay there forever and ever. And if you are leasing a facility that isn't a good thing – for you or your landlord.
The beauty of an above ground pool is that it is portable! You can take it wherever you want, well, kind of – try getting that in a carry on! The other great thing about a portable pool is that it doesn't have to meet any building codes. Sure, the hole it goes in, or the floor it goes on and the structure around it must meet code... but not the pool!
So now you've decided on an above ground pool. The awesome part of that is there are pools specifically created for dogs! These have tear resistant liners and extra duty filters for all that hair! Now to make the pool truly a dog pool, it has to have easy entrance & exit. I don't know about you but I've never seen a dog climb a ladder and they aren't so great at seeing stairs under the water. So you get some ramps and maybe even a dock just for fun for your dog to jump into the water.
What kind of water is your dog swimming in? I can't speak for all dogs but I know for sure that when my dog swims he swallows tons of water and I sure don't want that water to be overly chlorinated or filled with a bunch of chemicals. Enter the swimming pool ionizer. This sanitizes the water by using copper ions in place of chemicals to kill the nasty things that like to grow in pools. It works by negatively charging the copper particles which bond with the positively charged nasty things (bacteria, viruses) and these bugs that are normally too small for the typical filtration system to filter out, once bonded with the copper ions makes them large enough to be caught and keeps the pool sparkling clean. This system is safer and easier to use than the traditional chemicals as the ions are not harmful nor do they cause the red eyes and skin irritations you sometimes see in run of the mill pools. So I know you're wondering WHY most pools don't use these systems if they are better (and they are, you can research the efficacy of ionization systems vs chlorinated pools) WHY? Simple: COST. A copper ionization system is easily 3-5X more expensive than your regular pool sanitation system. (oh! And in case you didn't know 'Saltwater Pools' are still chlorine pools, they just use a chlorinator to make the chlorine from salt, but to be fair, they do have less chlorine than a traditional pool system – but still much more than, say, the tap water we give our dogs).
So these are just a couple aspects of what goes into creating a pool for dogs. There are many, many more but I will leave them for another blog!